Targeting the PUB schema through DSN connection attributes

When using SQL-92 drivers for Progress, you may find that queries using single-element identifiers which worked fine with the SQL-89 drivers, e.g., --

SELECT * FROM tablename

-- now require use of the PUB owner identifier, e.g., --

SELECT * FROM PUB.tablename

This is due to a number of changes in the underlying Progress layers, from SQL-89 to SQL-92.


This can generally be worked around by using our "Initial SQL" option.

This solution removes the need to prefix identifiers in new queries with "PUB.", but any queries which already include the prefix should continue to work just fine.

Simply create a text file, e.g., openlink.sql, containing the following line --


Note: In some environments, varying with the precise version of the Progress and OpenLink components in use, the trailing semicolon may need to be removed, changing the file content to --


Single-Tier "Lite" Edition Setup

Set the "Initial SQL" field of your DSN to the full path to the file created above, including its file extension (e.g., /opt/openlink/bin/openlink.sql, C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\bin\openlink.sql, /Library/Application Support/openlink/bin/openlink.sql).

On Windows, this DSN attribute is found on the fourth pane of the Setup Dialog, under the heading Additional connect parameters.

On a Unix client, the $ODBCINI DSN keyword to hold this value is initsql.

Multi-Tier "Enterprise" Edition Setup

For connections with our Multi-Tier driver, the openlink.sql file must be located on the Broker host, and the Rulebook must be adjusted to specify it through the CommandLine Agent setup parameter, and the +initsql argument, for instance --

Commandline = +initsql /opt/openlink/bin/openlink.sql

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