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    Multi-Tier Rulebook Settings: [generic_agentname]

    Each Database Agent will have a section that is typically called "generic_" followed by a database label. For example: [generic_virt], [generic_odbc], [generic_db2].

    Parameter Default Comment
    Program name of the executable to run
    Environment specify Environment section to use
    CommandLine commandline options (optional)
    ServerOptions force DBMS-specific client options (optional)
    Directory where to chdir before starting the Agent
    Database force name of the database (optional)
    ConnectOptions force DBMS-specific connect options (optional)
    UserID force userid (optional)
    Password force password (optional)
    ReadOnly No force read-only mode (optional)
    OpsysLogin No when set to Yes, the Request Broker will do an operating system login before spawning. This implies ReUse = ifsame user. (optional)
    NeedsCLI (VMS only) Use CLI to spawn the agent
    ReUse never Defines how an agent will be re-used. See below for details of the ReUse Parameter.

    CommandLine parameter

    The CommandLine value can include any or all of the following options:

    • +noautocommit -- This means that all connections routed (by the mapping rules) through this agent section will have autocommit behaviour turned off. This is useful if your client-side application relies on manual commits of its transactions; you can define a mapping rule to match only that application and add +noautocommit, while other applications use a different agent section.
    • +maxrows -- This defines the maximum number of rows to fetch from any query.
    • +initsql -- Specifies a file with a set of SQL statements to execute immediately when each connection is established. For example, this can be useful to set transaction isolation levels, if your application assumes them to be set a specific way.
    • +jetfix -- This enables various workarounds for operation with the Microsoft Jet Engine, e.g., through MS Access or MS Query. Particularly, data type mappings may be changed for greater accuracy using these applications.
    • +norowsetlimit -- This disables any rowset-size limit; it is useful in cursor operations on large tables.

    ReUse parameter

    always is implied by all values other than never.
    When is agent re-used
    never never reuse this instance (default)
    always always try to reuse this instance
    upto <n> allow at most n connection to the same instance
    ifreadonly allow only read-only requests
    ifsame database group connection requests that alias to the same database
    ifsame process group connections with the same calling process id (pid)
    ifsame options group connections specifying the same connect options
    ifsame application group connections from same application alias
    ifsame user group connections from the same username
    ifsame machine group connections from the same client host
    ifsame opsys group connections from the same operating system

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