1. Edit the file .../bin/openlink.ini (or whatever file is specified by $OPENLINKINI), and make sure the environment section for the driver contains the right entries. For the SQL Server "Lite" Driver, this section looks like this:

    [Environment SQLServer 2000] FREETDSCONF = /home/openlink/bin/freetds.conf DSQUERY = SQLSERVER ; Load this section from freetds.conf TDSHOST = host.domain ; Point this to your SQLServer machine TDSPORT = 1433 TDSVER = 7.0 SQLSERVER_CATALOG = Y CURSOR_SENSITIVITY = LOW ; Set to HIGH after loading oplrvc.sql

    These environment variable values are database specific and are described in detail later in this section. These settings are over-ridden by values in the ODBC connect string or the DSN configuration (in the $ODBCINI). The FREETDSCONF variable is automatically set by the installer. Under normal conditions, you should not have to modify the freetds.conf file nor the DSQUERY variable, and in most cases you will not have to modify the $OPENLINKINI file contents, either.
  2. Edit the file bin/odbc.ini and add the correct settings to the sample DSN that is created:

    [sql_lite] Driver = /home/openlink/lib/sql_mt_lt.so Description = Sample SQLServer 2000 Lite Connection ServerType = SQLServer 2000 Username = Password = Database = ReadOnly = no FetchBufferSize = 60

    In the case of SQLServer Driver, you only need to modify Username, Password and Database. All modifications except the Driver keyword will be saved when reinstalling this or any other Lite Driver.
  3. For most Lite drivers, the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or $SHLIB_PATH or $LIBPATH, depending on operating system) environment variable must be set before you can load the driver. Therefore you will not find any mention of them in the openlink.ini file, as these settings are set by the driver after it is properly loaded.
  4. If the installer finds the right environment variables (e.g., $INFORMIXDIR), it will note the appropriate $LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings, and add them automatically to the openlink.sh script. This file must therefore be run before you can do anything with the Lite Drivers, e.g.:

    . ./openlink.sh

    If this does not execute properly, then when the driver is tested, the system library loader will give an error message stating it cannot find some dependent shared libraries to load.

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