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    Troubleshooting Worksheet -- Single-Tier Driver, Installation or Initial Connection

    Use this form to gather information which will help us better assist you.

    System Information

    • What product are you using?

    • What are the names of the files that you downloaded?

    • What is the product version and release number?

    • What is the name and version of the client operating system?

    • Provide the output of uname -a for unix and linux clients.

    Problem Description

    • Provide the text of any error message you experience.

    • Describe any problem that does not produce error text.

    • Describe the steps that you take to reproduce the problem.

    • Provide Data Source Name Connection Parameters, if this is a connection problem.


    • Did you install the product under your database user's uid?

    • Did you install the product with your database user's .profile set?

    • Do you have the database native client installed on your client machine?

    • What is your database native client version?

    • Does the database native client connect to your database?

    • Did you run openlink.sh or openlink.csh before you tested your connection?

    Problem Isolation

    • Is this problem specific to this machine?

    • Did Single-Tier drivers work on this machine in the past?

    • If so, what changed?

    • Can others use Single-Tier drivers to successfully connect to the same database?

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