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    Connect to Virtuoso (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, .NET)

    JDBC Data Access Providers (Windows Client)

    Configure & Test Virtuoso JDBC Connection URLS

    1. Expand the Start menu.

    2. Expand the All Programs menu.

    3. Expand the OpenLink Virtuoso folder.

    4. Expand the Client Samples folder.

    4. Expand the JDBC folder.

    5. Expand the sub-folder that pertains to the local JDK version.

    6. Launch the JDBDemo application.

    7. Expand the File menu.

    8. Select Full Connect.

    9. Type the following into the Driver Name field: virtuoso.jdbc3.Driver

    10. Type your connection URL into the Connection URL field. Here is the abbreviated syntax:

    jdbc:virtuoso://<Hostname>:<Port#>/DATABASE=<dbname>/UID=<user name>/PWD=<password>/

    For example:


    11. Click OK.

    12. Type a query into the query text box.

    13. Click the Query button.

    13. Click OK.

    14. View your result set.

    15. Expand the File menu.

    16. Select Close Connection.

    17. Expand the File menu.

    18. Select Exit.

    19. Proceed to use the above JDBC connection URL in your JDBC applications.

    NOTE: See the following documentation for full JDBC Connection URL syntax.

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