License Manager Usage Notes for Windows

The default and suggested locations of OpenLink License files varies depending on the operating system in use and License Manager version.

Determining the Installed Version of the License Manager

The License Manager (oplmgr.exe) on Windows is installed in %windir%\oplmgr.exe and runs as a Windows service.

The OpenLink License Manager is installed in the Windows system directory (%WINDOWS%) and run as a Windows Service which is automatically started on Windows boot.

The License Manager can also be started and stopped manually using the oplmgr /[start | stop] commands, or through the Services or Component Services control panels (generally found in the Administrative sub-directory). The version of oplmgr.exe can be obtained by right clicking on the executable and checking the Details tab and will be something like

Location of License files

The OpenLink License Manager uses only Windows Registry string values to specify the folders to be searched for license files, in the following registry key location:

      OpenLink Software\
         License Manager\
            License Directories\

The OpenLink installer creates the initial string key value, based on the chosen installation directory. The default installation directory for the OpenLink Data Access drivers is C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\, so the default registry key is:

uda      = C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\bin\

The default installation directory for OpenLink Virtuoso is C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\Virtuoso X\, so the default registry key is:

virtuoso = C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\Virtuoso X\bin\

Special Considerations on 64-bit Windows

The binary installed to %windir%\oplmgr.exe matches the bitness of the first installer you ran, so either the 32-bit or 64-bit oplmgr.exe may be present on your system. You can confirm the bitness of this executable by inspecting it with Microsoft's Dependency Walker

If you install 32-bit software on 64-bit Windows, the Registry settings go into the Wow6432Node branch --

         OpenLink Software\
            License Manager\
               License Directories\

-- and the default keys become --

uda      = C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLink Software\UDA\bin\
virtuoso = C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLink Software\Virtuoso X\bin\

Th 64-bit License Manager will not see these 32-bit settings, and the 32-bit License Manage will not see the 64-bit settings above. Therefore, for best results in environments where you have both 32-bit and 64-bit OpenLink components installed, we recommend creating a shortcut from the 32-bit location to the 64-bit location (or vice versa), and putting all license file into that single directory; then, it will not matter which License Manager runs, as all licenses will be found.

You may also choose to have all Registry keys point to a single filesystem directory, into which you place all license files. In this case, we recommend the directory be --

C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\Licenses\

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