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    UDBC Data Source Configuration

    UDBC shares its API with ODBC, and is provided for platforms that do not have a suitable ODBC driver manager - it is for legacy unix systems which did not support dynamic library functions. As such, it is deprecated, and documented here only for completeness.

    UDBC, like ODBC, is based on the notion of logical references to database backends through the use of Data Source Names. Under UDBC, these are described as Universal Data Source Names (UDSNs) due to the cross data access standard nature of these Data Source Names (they are usable by OpenLink Drivers for ODBC and JDBC).

    The OpenLink Universal Data Access Driver Suite includes an HTTP based utility called the OpenLink Admin Assistant that enables you create, configure, and manage UDSNs via a Web Browser. Since this is HTTP based, you can even do this remotely, security measures exist avoid unwanted tampering. The Admin Assistant provides a wizards and HTML forms based user interfaces.

    You identify your UDSN file to UDBC Drivers via the Environment Variable "UDBCINI". Your OpenLink UDBC SDK installation process will place a sample of this file in the 'doc' installation subdirectory. The OpenLink shell script ("openlink.sh") will look for the runtime copy of this file in the 'bin' directory of your installation, and export it to the $UDBCINI environment variable. Manually, the UDBCINI environment variable is set using the command:

    UDBCINI=/usr/openlink/bin/udbc.ini ; export UDBCINI

    The above presumes that your OpenLink installation's base directory is: /usr/openlink. Use an appropriate directory in its place.

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