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  • UdaWikiWeb.ServerDidNotRespond(Last) -- Owiki? , 2016-08-19 15:00:57 Edit owiki 2016-08-19 15:00:57

    Error Message: Server did not respond[SQLSTATE:k0k130Progress Open SQL network interface]

    The actual SQLSTATE here is k0k13; the extra zero in the string is really an ASCII NULL.

    This error typically indicates a mismatch between the -S and/or -H arguments used to start the target Progress instance (which can be seen in the Progress server's databasename.lg file) and those used in the DSN (Options field) and/or Agent setup (ConnectOptions keyword).

    Resolution is just correction of the DSN or Agent setup arguments.


    • Client-side ODBC DSN (Lite or Enterprise Edition)
    • Server-side Broker Log (Enterprise Edition) -- default is oplrqb.log
    • Server-side Broker Rulebook (Enterprise Edition) -- default is oplrqb.ini

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