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    Pre-Installation Requirements for the Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for Oracle, for Unix-like OS

    DBMS Requirements

    You need to know a variety of information pertaining to your target Oracle DBMS:

    Software Requirements

    • You must have Oracle client software installed on the same machine as OpenLink's Lite drivers. You can obtain the relevant Oracle client from your Oracle installation CDs. You can also download the Oracle client from the Oracle Web site. Either of the following will work with current versions of the OpenLink Lite drivers --
      • Oracle SQL*Net, Net8, Net9, or Net10 software. These are full client packages for various versions of the Oracle DBMS.
      • The Oracle InstantClient. The Oracle InstantClient comprises a small set of library files.
    • If using SQL*Net or Net8/9/10, you must ensure that this client successfully connects to the Oracle DBMS.

    Configuration Requirements

    The Oracle client must be configured to connect to the remote Oracle DBMS.

    • For Oracle InstantClients, simply ensure that the InstantClient appears in the PATH and the relevant library path. On most Unix operating systems, the library path is LD_LIBRARY_PATH but it is SHLIB_PATH on 32-bit HP/UX, and LIBPATH on AIX.
    • For Oracle SQL*Net and Net 8/9/10/11+ installations, you must configure an Oracle Net Service Name.


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