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    Pre-Installation Requirements for the Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources (a/k/a the ODBC-JDBC Bridge), for Unix-like OS

    DBMS Requirements

    • Your target data source must be SQL compliant.
    • You must possess enough knowledge to establish a JDBC connection to this database using third-party or native JDBC drivers.

    Software Requirements

    • You must possess third-party or native JDBC drivers that connect to your target data source. A client portion of these drivers must be installed on the same machine as the Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources.
    • The JDBC driver jar file (or a symbolic link to it) must be included in the active CLASSPATH.
      • Supporting Java libraries (or links to them) may also need to be included in this variable value.
      • Directories containing other supporting libraries may need to be included in one of the other shared library environment variables (e.g., LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LIBPATH, SHLIB_PATH).
    • You must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is compatible with the Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources.
      • Generally, the latest JVM from http://java.com/ is the best choice.
      • If using a 64-bit ODBC Driver, you must have a 64-bit JVM.

    Configuration Requirements

    • You must be able to connect to the target database using the JDBC driver. OpenLink Product Support can provide minimal assistance in this area.
    • You must know the driver class name of the JDBC driver.
    • You must know the full details of the JDBC connection URL that connects to your target database.


    Proceed to Installation & Configuration.

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