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    Pre-Installation Requirements for the Single-Tier "Express" Edition ODBC Driver for Firebird, for Windows

    DBMS Requirements

    You need to know a variety of information pertaining to your Firebird DBMS:

    • Firebird TCP port
    • Hostname or IP address of the Firebird database server
    • Firebird database name and path

    Software Requirements

    • You need to know whether the client application is 32-bit or 64-bit. The Single-Tier "Express" Edition ODBC Driver for Firebird must match the bit format of the client application.
    • You must have a compatible and functional JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed on the Windows host.
      • Generally, the latest JVM available from the Java Website is the best choice.
      • If using the 64-bit ODBC Driver, you must have the 64-bit JVM, which is only presented to 64-bit IE.
      • It is generally best to install both 32-bit JVM and 64-bit JVM on 64-bit Windows.

    Configuration Requirements

    The path to the directory containing the jvm.dll must be included in your %PATH% Environment Variable. To do this, proceed as follows --

    1. Use the Windows Explorer's Search feature to locate the jvm.dll, and make note of the directory in which it is found. If more than one is found, work with the most recent.
    2. Start -> Control Panel -> System
    3. Click to the Advanced tab.
    4. Click the Environment Variables button.
    5. In the System variables pane, locate and select the environment variable named PATH.
    6. Click Edit which will bring up a new dialog containing Variable name and Variable value fields.
    7. Add the directory path from step #1 to the back end of the already present "Variable value" field, taking care not to delete anything that is already present. Directory paths are separated by a semi-colon ';', so you should usually put a semicolon before the path you're adding. Typically, the new text will resemble --

      ;C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\client

    8. Finally, click OK to accept the changes.


    Proceed to Installation Documentation.

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