Manual Configuration of Single-Tier Lite Driver for Oracle

  1. Edit the $OPENLINKINI file, e.g., /opt/openlink/bin/openlink.ini, and make sure the environment section for the driver contains the right entries. It should look something like this:

    [Environment Oracle 10.x] ORACLE_HOME = /dbs/oracle10g/oracle/product/10.1.0/client_1 ;ORACLE_SERVER = T ;TWO_TASK = P: ;ODBC_CATALOGS = Y ; Uncomment after loading odbccat10.sql ;MULTIPLEX_LDA = 5 ; Allow 5 OpenLink clients on a single lda ;OPL_USR_TBLS_FIRST = Y ; Sort SQLTables starting with user tables SHOW_REMARKS = N ; Retrieve SQLColumns REMARKS field CURSOR_SENSITIVITY = LOW ; Set to HIGH after loading odbccat10.sql ;OCI_PREFETCH_ROWS = 100 ; Number of rows to prefetch ;OCI_PREFETCH_MEMORY = 65535 ; Amount of memory to use for prefetching ;NLS_LANG = AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8 ; Set to codepage required by client application ORACLE_SID = ORCL

    These environment variable values are database specific and are described in detail later in this section.
  2. Edit the $ODBCINI file, e.g., /opt/openlink/bin/odbc.ini, and adjust the settings of the sample DSN that is found there:

    [ora100_lite] Driver = /opt/openlink/lib/ ServerType = Oracle 10.x Username = Password = Database = Options = FetchBufferSize = 99 ReadOnly = no DeferLongFetch = no JetFix = no Description = Sample Oracle 10.x Lite Connection

    All modifications except the Driver value will be saved when reinstalling this or any other Lite Driver.
  3. For most Lite drivers the LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or SHLIB_PATH or LIBPATH) environment variables must be set before you can load the driver. You will not find these in the $OPENLINKINI file, as the settings there are set by the driver after it has loaded.
    • If the installer finds relevant environment variables, e.g., ORACLE_HOME, it will note the appropriate LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings, and add them automatically to the script. This file should always be run before trying to use the Lite Drivers, e.g.:

      . ./

    • If this script is not properly executed, the system library loader will give an error message stating it cannot find some dependent shared libraries to load.

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