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    Error Message: Invalid user name[SQLSTATE:285890Invalid Auth Specs]

    The actual SQLSTATE here is 28589; the extra zero in the string is really an ASCII NULL.

    The cause is as might be expected, an error in the username being used in the data connection.

    Migrating from Progress SQL-89/4GL/ABL connections to SQL-92 connections may lead to this error, when the Progress database has no configured users (as would be found in the Progress _User table or in sysprogress). In this case, the solution is usually to use the name of the operating system user that created (or now owns) the database file, databasename.lg, with a blank password.


    • Client-side ODBC DSN (Lite or Enterprise Edition)
    • Server-side Broker Log (Enterprise Edition) -- default is oplrqb.log
    • Server-side Broker Rulebook (Enterprise Edition) -- default is oplrqb.ini

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