Identifying the Progress startup mode (i.e., sockets vs. shared memory)

  1. Log in to your Progress DBMS server.
  2. Locate the database log file. Typically, the log file should have the same name as the database .db file with a .lg extension; e.g., the sports92.db file will typically have a corresponding sports92.lg file.
  3. Make a copy of the database log file.
  4. Open the copy with a text editor.
  5. Locate the section covering to the most recent database startup.
  6. Look for lines containing Host Name, Service Name, and Network Type. These are Progress sockets startup parameters. Host Name and Service Name should always be present. For example:

    1:50:04 BROKER 0: Host Name (-H): oplusaix3. (4261) 11:50:04 BROKER 0: Service Name (-S): pro91d. (4262) 11:50:04 BROKER 0: Network Type (-N): tcp. (4263)

  7. The important entry for this question is Network Type --
    • If Network Type "tcp" is present, the database is running in sockets mode.
    • If Network Type "tcp" is not present, the database is running in shared memory mode.

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