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    Identify the Informix instance name

    Unix Database Servers

    1. Log in to your Unix database server as the Informix user.
    2. Ensure the Informix environment is correctly set.
    3. Execute this command:


    4. This should be your Informix instance name. There should be an entry in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts file that starts with the same $INFORMIXSERVER value.

    Note -- there may be multiple $INFORMIXSERVER values, and multiple Informix instances, on a single host.

    Windows Database Servers

    1. Log in to your Windows database server.
    2. Launch the Registry Editor (Start menu >> Run... >> regedit)
    3. Drill down to


    4. There should be one or more sub-folders. Each sub-folder represents an Informix instance.

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