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    You may pass the +initsql option to your Multi-Tier database agents. This option passes the full path to a file, which contains SQL statements. OpenLink's agents run these statements each time a connection is established. This feature is commonly used to set isolation levels.

    In order to implement +initsql, take the following action:

    1. Create a file, which contains your SQL statements. For example:

    $vi file.sql

    2. Open your OpenLink Session Rules Book with an editor.

    3. Locate the [generic_xxx] section, which corresponds to the agent that you use. For example:

    Program     = inf7_mv.exe 
    Environment = INFORMIX7 
    OpsysLogin  = Yes 
    ReUse       = always 
    ;Directory = c:\temp 
    ;ConnectOptions = 
    ;ReadOnly = 
    ;CommandLine = 

    4. Remove the semicolon, which appears before CommandLine.

    5. Pass +initsql followed by the full path to your SQL file to CommandLine. For example:

    CommandLine = +initsql /usr/openlink/bin/file.sql 

    6. Restart your Broker.

    See Also: -i, Initial SQL

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