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    Glossary of Technical Terms

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    Upto count

    "Upto count" is a setting associated with advanced configuration of the Multi-Tier server component "Database Agent" process. The Upto restriction is a conditional parameters that defines how much a certain database Agent process will be Reused. (It follows a conditional Agent "Reuse" value such as "ifsame database".) When enabled, Database Agent processes will be reused for each connection as long as the specified limit is not exceeded. Once the limit has been exceeded, the Broker will spawn a new Agent process.

    This setting is useful when it has been determined by OpenLink support or the advanced OpenLink user that full time Agent reuse is causing unstable connections conditions. It is sometimes associated with alleviating conditions caused by heavy load environments.


       Reuse = ifsame database, upto 10

    See Also: ReUse Rule

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