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    -S is a service-related option, which may be passed to the OpenLink Request Broker or Virtuoso service. -S takes its own parameters, as well. For instance, you may pass -S start. This will start Virtuoso or the Broker. Likewise, you may pass -S stop. This will terminate Virtuoso or the Broker.

    For a complete list of -S functions, use your command line to descend into your product's /bin subdirectory. Then, type in the command, which you would normally use to start your service. However, add -? to the end of that command.

    Example: ./oplrqb -?

    This will return usage information for the -S option. To employ -S, use the following syntax:

    startup_command -S -S_parameter

    Example: ./oplrqb -S create

    See Also: +service

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