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    Glossary of Technical Terms

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    SHLIB_PATH is HP/UX's library enviromental variable. If you install OpenLink's Data Access Drivers or Virtuoso on HP/UX, you want to run openlink.sh (Bourne/Bash shell) or openlink.csh (C Shell). These scripts reside in your product's root directory, and they set all necessary PATH and ODBC-related variables.

    If you receive error messages which state that libraries are missing, search your system for those libraries. If they are present, you want to pass the path to SHLIB_PATH. You may code the location in your shell script. Just be sure to shutdown the Broker before you re-execute that script. You may also set and export these variables from the commandline or a user's .profile.

    Finally, certain [Environment] sections of your OpenLink Session Rules Book may contain SHLIB_PATH. In this instance, you must pass your database's /lib sub-directory to that variable.

    See Also: LD_LIBRARY_PATH(Standard), LIBPATH(AIX Users)

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