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    /DATABASE is a Type 3 JDBC connection string parameter. It passes the logical name of the database to which you want to connect.

    Example: /DATABASE


    Do not pass the full path to your database to the /DATABASE parameter. The forward slashes will cause confusion. Instead, pass the full path in your Session Rules Book. To proceed, take the following action:

    1. Open your oplrqb.ini file. You will find the file in the /bin sub-directory of your OpenLink server components installation.

    2. Locate the [generic_xxxxx] section that corresponds to your OpenLink database agent. For example:

    Description   = Default settings for Progress 8.2A agent
    Program       = pro82a_sv
    Environment   = PROGRESS82A
    ServerOptions = -T /tmp -d mdy -TB 31 -TM 31 -q -NL 
    Directory     = /tmp
    ReUse         = never
    ;CommandLine    =
    ;ConnectOptions =
    ;Database       =
    ;Userid        =
    ;Password      =
    ;ReadOnly       = Yes

    3. Remove the semicolon (;) from Database=.

    4. Pass the full path to your database to Database=. For example:


    5. Save your changes and close the file.

    6. Restart or reinitialize your Request Broker.

    7. Test.

    See Also: JDBC, Type 3

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