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    Always is a Multi-Tier server component setting; specifically, it is a setting for the Agent "Reuse" value, and is found in the [generic_<Agent>] section of the oplrqb.ini file (where <Agent> corresponds to the database Agent alias matching your database.)

    "Always" specifies that all client connections will be serviced by the same Database Agent process. You may also wish to enforce a conditional Database Agent "Reuse" setting. For example, after an Agent has accepted a certain number of connections, the Request Broker can spawn a new Agent process based on a conditional Reuse limit you impose.

    Agent reuse rules are configurable via the Admin Assistant (typically running at http://localhost:8000 on the Multi-Tier server component host machine), in the Database Agent settings section of the Server Components Administration.


       Reuse = Always

    See Also: ReUse Rule, upto count

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