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    Configure Oracle Connection Pooling

    Use the following instructions to configure Oracle Connection Pooling:

    Single-Tier (Lite) Windows

    1. Log in to the machine that hosts OpenLink's Single-Tier (Lite Drivers).

    2. Launch your ODBC Data Sources Administrator.

    3. Locate your OpenLink DSN.

    4. Click the Configure button.

    5. Scroll through the configuration screens until you find the "Enable OC Connection Pooling" checkbox.

    6. Check the Pooling checkbox to create a separate connection pool for each Oracle instance to which you connect.

    7. Configure the rest of the fields related to Pooling:

    • Minimum Pool Size - The minimum number of connections to be opened when the pool is created.
    • Maximum Pool Size - The maximum number of connections that can be opened in the pool.
    • Increment - The incremental number of connections to be opened when all the connections are busy and a call needs a connection.
    • Linger time - The amount of time to wait for a connection when all connections are busy and the maximum number of open connections has been reached.
    • Wait for free connection - The length of time the last connection in the pool should linger before the pool is destroyed.

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