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    Displays a WebDavBrowser window for file picking/opening/saving. Optionally prompts for auth credentials.



    Creates WebDAVBrowser window and sets various configurationoptions, if needed. All possible options:

    • user - username
    • pass - username
    • path - path which should be opened
    • file - default preselected file name
    • silentStart - do not display connection setup dialog on WebDAVinitialization
    • extension - ID of default file type extension to be selected
    • pathFallback - this is a failsafe path which will be offered when HTTP errors prohibit changing to requested path
    • imagePath - path to images, with trailing slash
    • imageExt - image files extension
    • isDav - whether the server is DAV. For non-DAV HTTP servers, a minimal 'prompt' will be used instead of full Browser When no user/pass is passed in options or silent Setupis set to false, user will be prompted for credentials through connection settings dialog.


    Opens the Browser in file browse mode. User can select a file, which will be passed back to application. All options passed to OAT.WebDav.init can be used here. Additional specific options:

    • callback - function to be executed when user selects a file. This will be called with 3 arguments:path,file name and contents.
    • extensionFilters - array of file type extensions. Each item consists of 4 values:arbitrary unique ID,extension,description, and optional content type


    Opens the Browser in file save mode. User can select a new/existing file, the Browser will then save specified data to that file. All options passed to OAT.WebDav.init can be used here. Additional specific options:

    • callback - same as inOAT.WebDav.openDialog
    • extensionFilters - same as inOAT.WebDav.openDialog
    • confirmOverwrite - bool, should we ask for a confirmation when overwriting existing file?
    • dataCallback - function which provides data to be saved. Will be executed with two arguments:selected file name and used extension ID. If set to false, nothing will be saved.


    var options = {
                    ["all",         "*",   "All files",     "text/plain"],
                    ["xmldoc",      "xml", "XML Documents", "text/xml"],
                    ["xmltemplate", "xml", "XML Templates", "application/xml"]
    function showContents(path, file, data) {
            alert(path+file+' contains:\n\n'+data);

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