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    Troubleshooting Worksheet -- Single-Tier Driver, System Performance

    Use this form to gather information which will help us better assist you.

    System Information

    • What product are you using?

    • What are the names of the files that you downloaded?

    • What is the product version and release number?

    • What is the name and version of the client operating system?

    • Provide the output of uname -a for unix and linux clients.

    Problem Description

    • Has this problem always existed?

    • If this problem is new, describe any changes to the database, database client, network and machines in this architecture.

    • Is this problem associated with heavy load.

    • Provide Data Source Name Connection Parameters.


    • What are your database server's kernel tuning parameters?

    • What is your database server's patch level?

    Problem Isolation

    • Is this problem specific to one client machine?

    • Is this problem specific to one client application?

    • Do other ODBC drivers outperform OpenLink ODBC drivers?

    • Is this a LAN/MAN/WAN?

    • Can you quantify the amount of data that is being returned?

    • What are the data types of the data being returned?

    • Have you checked the Defer Fetching of Long Data checkbox? (For binary data only)

    • Do you know what cursor modality your application employs?

    • Set your Data Source's Rowbuffer Size to 1. Test. Set your Rowbuffer Size to 99. Test. Do you see any difference in performance?

    Other Considerations

    • OpenLink's latest drivers have faster communications layers. If you have an older driver, can you upgrade?

      * Performance problems may stem from the way you have structured your tables. Can you provide a table schema for a problem table?

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