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    Apply License Files for Virtuoso Releases 5.x and above, on Windows

    1. Retrieve your new Virtuoso license file (e.g., virtuoso.lic) from email or ODS briefcase.

    2. Place the new license file in the appropriate directory.

      • By default this is C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\Virtuoso\bin, but you may have installed elsewhere.

      • If in doubt, check all System and User Environment Variables ( System control panel >> Advanced tab >> Environment Variables) for an OPL_LICENSE_DIR.

      • If a license file by the same name is already present in any directory included in this variable, rename the old file and save it until you're sure the new one works.

    3. Launch the Services or Component Services utility ( Start menu >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools).

    4. Stop and restart the OpenLink License Manager service.

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