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    Apply License Files for Virtuoso Release 4.x and earlier, on Unix

    1. cd into the root of your OpenLink installation.
    2. Use the bash or sh command to open a bash or Bourne shell.
    3. Execute this command:

      . ./openlink.sh

    4. cd into the bin sub-directory of the OpenLink installation.
    5. Execute the relevant stop script. For example:

      ./virtuoso-stop.sh ./demo-stop.sh

    6. Retrieve your new OpenLink license file from an email or ODS briefcase.
    7. Use binary ftp to transfer the new license to the Unix box, if required.
    8. Place the new license in the bin sub-directory of the OpenLink installation.
    9. Use the export command to set an OPL_LICENSE_DIR variable that includes this directory. For example:

      export OPL_LICENSE_DIR=/usr/virtuoso/bin;$OPL_LICENSE_DIR

    10. Execute the relevant start script. For example:

      ./virtuoso-start.sh ./demo-start.sh

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