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    How to send & receive inter-control messages


    OAT.MSG.send(sender, message, event)

    Dispatches a message.

    • sender - to object sending this message.
    • message - a constant, defined in OAT.MSG. Developers are encouraged to add more message types. Examples include OAT_LOAD,TREE_EXPAND, and AJAX_FAILURE.
    • event - an object carrying data relevant to this message; no particular format is required.

    OAT.MSG.attach(sender, message, callback)

    Subscribes to messages.

    • sender - the object whose messages we want to receive; value of "*" means ALL senders.
    • message - the message we want to receive; it is possible to use "*" or RegExpmatches here.
    • callback - When a message arrives, callback is executed with arguments passed to appropriate OAT.MSG.send()function.

    OAT.MSG.detach(sender, message, callback)

    Detaches previously set message receiving handler. All three fields must match.


    /* assume that there exists OAT.MSG.CUSTOM_MESSAGE */
    function myMessageHandler(source, message, event) {
            alert("Message arrived!"(;
    /* subscribe to receiving... */
    /* dispatch message */
    OAT.MSG.send(this, OAT.MSG.CUSTOM_MESSAGE, {}); // will invoke myMessageHandler 

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