Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
506 Oracle 8.0 on AIX fails InterDev and VB6 tests
734 Mac OS X iODBC installer overwrites existing symbolic links.
950 Windows Installer error `Severe -- VJ CLASSPATH too long to update`
1047 Version String for testcono should read `ODBC` not `UDBC`
1227 Modify Tracing tab description on Classic, to match Mac OS X
1486 sql2k_mv needs support for `translate character data` setting
1833 odbctest documentation is incomplete
1841 user-authentication fails, though UID/PWD are known correct
1968 oplrvc scripts are not documented
2074 Progress 9.1C SQL Lite [Release 4.2] does not connect!
2199 DB2 Lite screen shots don't match actual interface & help text is recursive
2220 Current 4.2 SQL 92 Lite installer contains non-working Driver DLL
2229 privileges must be set to permit ADMIN group write access...
2330 iODBC HTTP Admin needs correct version graphic on About tab
2455 Admin Assistant wizard and Mozilla browser
2685 prs91_sv.exe as of 4.2.2002-03-27 installer fails on some Windows boxes
2762 LingerTimeOut option needs to be documented
2831 data type `bit` returns `0.0` for every record, regardless of actual content (all Unix; Windows SQL Lite unavailable)
2863 MS Access "#deleted" errors when primary key is SQL_BIGINT
2880 Unix Lite needs updated file names
2903 Postgres driver updated fail using the OLEDB rowsetviewer program
2971 Rel 4.2 installer fails to populate classpath, no informative error when no license
3097 SQLDataSources() does not follow API spec
3168 MT 4.2 sql2k driver doesn't bring back bigint data (sql6 driver can)
3254 [SQL Server]Syntax error converting datetime from character string in SCO ODBC SDK
3265 remove notation of `beta release` from iODBC description
3266 Installer must not reboot Macintosh without user confirmation
3272 iODBC 3.5.3 SQLDriverConnect() fails with System DSNs, unless Driver is also specified
3325 client connections to Oracle 9.2 on Mac OS X require new libclntsh.dylib.9.0
3328 Retrieval of Progress Decimals results in DB Server Crash and Driver General Error
3330 SQLSetConnectAttr or SQLSetConnectOption fails to set transaction isolation level
3366 TDS Lite drivers are not "describing" columns as NULLABLE
3423 TDS Lite Driver does not recognise 'option + f' special character on Mac Classic
3464 4.2 Lite driver doesn't bring back BYTE 800 Ingres data (Multi-tier does)
3483 PostgreSQL Lite license for Linux does not work
3487 MIN_FIELD_LEN not available in Progress Lite
3516 SQLGetConnectAttr (SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG = 109) fails with `Option type out of range`
3533 Datetime and timestamp columns do not work as expected in TDS Driver