Testing ODBC DSNs on Mac OS X, with iODBCTest

This is a simple 'C' based and ODBC compliant Interactive SQL processor.

  1. Launch iODBCTest by double-clicking the iODBC Test.command script found in /Applications/iODBC/. Alternatively, you can open a Terminal session, and execute this command:

    "/Applications/iODBC/iODBC Test.command"

  2. When prompted for a connect string, you can enter "?" to see a list of ODBC DSNs on your machine, or immediately enter a valid ODBC Connect String following the form --

    DSN=<dsn name>[;UID=<username>[;PWD=<password>]][;<connect string attribute>=<value>]

    If you have an Oracle DSN named "Marketing", you might enter:


    • Note: If there is a username but no password, you must include a semicolon at the end:


  3. Once connected, any valid SQL or ODBC command may be executed through this interface. You can also call on several built-in functions, which interrogate the back-end for --
    • datatypes
    • owners
    • qualifiers
    • tables
    • types
  4. The following example shows a connection to Microsoft SQL Server 2000, making a simple query against the sample Northwind database:

    [localhost:~] openlink% /Library/iodbc/bin/odbctest iODBC Demonstration program This program shows an interactive SQL processor Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list, or DSN=...): DSN=northwind;UID=sa;PWD=admin SQL>select au_lname, au_fname, state from authors where au_id < '333-33-3333' au_lname |au_fname |state ----------------------------------------+--------------------+----- White |Johnson |CA Green |Marjorie |CA Carson |Cheryl |CA O'Leary |Michael |CA Straight |Dean |CA 5 row(s) fetched. SQL>quit Again (y/n) ? n Have a nice day. [localhost:~] openlink%