TableViewSynonymNotFound7519Progress Error Message: Table/View/Synonym not found (7519)Progress Error Message: Table/View/Synonym not found (7519) The Table/View/Synonym not found (7519) error generally indicates a need to change how you identify the target TABLE/VIEW/SYNONYM. If your table name contains special characters (most commonly hyphens or underscores), you will need to enclose the table names with double quotes. For example: <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row><entry> <emphasis>likely to succeed</emphasis> </entry><entry> SELECT * FROM "cust-account" </entry></row> <row><entry> <emphasis>likely to error</emphasis> </entry><entry> SELECT * FROM cust-account </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> </listitem> </itemizedlist><itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem> If you are now connecting to the Progress SQL-92 engine, you may need to ensure that all <computeroutput>TABLE/VIEW/SYNONYM</computeroutput> idnetifiers are more fully qualified. One of the following options will usually bring success. <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem> Explicitly set the connection to target the PUB schema. This can be <ulink url="SetThePUBSchemaForSQL92ConnectivityToSQL89Schemas">done through Single-Tier DSN and/or Multi-Tier Rulebook setup</ulink>. </listitem> <listitem> Prepend "PUB." to each object name, as -- <table><title /><tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row><entry> <emphasis>likely to succeed</emphasis> </entry><entry> SELECT * FROM PUB.Customer </entry></row> <row><entry> <emphasis>likely to error</emphasis> </entry><entry> SELECT * FROM Customer </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> </listitem> </itemizedlist></listitem> </itemizedlist></section></docbook>