Connect String Attributes for the 100% Managed Single-Tier ADO.NET Data Provider for Sybase (OpenLink.Data.Sybase)

The tables below provides a list of the Connect String Attributes for the Data Provider:

Table: Connection String Keywords for the Sybase .Net Provider

Keyword Default Value
Used ID or UID [""]
Password or PWD [""]
Initial Catalog or DATABASE [""]
Connect Timeout or Connection Timeout [15]
Persist Security Info [False]
Connection Lifetime [0]
Min Pool Size [0]
Max Pool Size [100]
Persist Security Info [False]
Pooling [True]
Charset ["]
Host [localhost]
Port [4100]
Packet Size or PktSize [512]
SrvName or Server or Server Name [""]
Server Type or ServerType or SVT ["SYBASE4"]
WorkstationId or Workstation Id ["localhost]

The following Keyword default values change for the SQLServer Provider :

	The property SVT or ServerType supports the following values:

		"Sybase 10"  or "Sybase10" (TDS5 protocol is used) 
		"Sybase 11"  or "Sybase11" (TDS5 protocol is used) 
		"Sybase 12"  or "Sybase12"  or "Sybase12.x" (TDS5 protocol is used) 
	Any another values (TDS4.2 protocol is used)
	Sample connection string:

		"SVT=Sybase 12;DATABASE=pubs2;Host=localhost;Port=4100;UID=sa;PWD=;