CreateOracleNetServiceNameUnixCreate an Oracle Net Service Name (Unix) Use the following instructions to create a Net Service Name in the local $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora file on Unix and Linux operating systems:1. Login to the machine that contains the Oracle client software.2. su to your oracle user. For example: su - oracle 3. Execute the .profile associated with the oracle user. For example: . ./.profile 4. cd into the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory. cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 5. Run the netca program. ./netca 6. Wait for the Welcome page to appear.7. Select "Local Net Service Name Configuration."8. Choose Next.9. Choose Add.10. Choose Next.11. Wait for the Net Service Name Configuration Database Version page to appear.12. Choose "Oracle 8i or later database or service" to connect to an Oracle 8i or newer SID. Otherwise, select the Oracle 8.0 option.13. Choose Next.14. Wait for the The Net Service Name Configuration screen appears.15. Enter the Oracle SID.16. Choose Next.17. Wait for the Select Protocols page to appear.18. Select the TCP protocol.19. Choose Next.20. Wait for the Test page to appear.21. Choose "Yes perform a test."22. Choose Next after confirmation of a successful connection.23. Provide a meaningful name for your Oracle Net Service Name. For example: MyOracle10g64 23. Wait for the appearance of the Another Net Service Name page.24. Choose No.25. Choose Next.26. Wait for the Done page to appear.27. Choose Next.28. Choose Finish.29. Type the following command on the command line: sqlplus30. Use the following command to connect to the target Oracle sid: CONNECT username/password@your oracle net service name For example:CONNECT scott/tiger@MyOracle10g64