UDA Drivers Comparison Guide

OpenLink's 6.x Data Access Drivers feature set is listed below. Use the checklist to see which feature appears in which driver. Use individual feature hyperlinks to learn how to configure or otherwise access the feature. If you want to evaluate a previous version of the drivers, contact OpenLink Product Support for product feature lists and comparison information.

Feature Categories

Feature  Product Format
New DBMS Support Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
DB2 8 & 9Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Firebird 1.5Check Mark
Informix 10 & 11Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Ingres R3Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
MySQL 4.x & 5.xCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle 11
PostgreSQL 8Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Progress 91E04 &10.x Check MarkCheck Mark
Sybase 15 Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Platform Support Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Mac OS X 10.5.x–10.6.x x86 (64-bit Mode)Check MarkCheck Mark
Mac OS X 10.4.x–10.6.x x86 (32-bit Mode)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Mac OS X 10.0.x–10.5.x PPCCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Linux & Unix (32-bit)Check MarkCheck Mark
Linux & Unix (64-bit)Check MarkCheck Mark
Windows Itanium2 (IA_64)Check MarkCheck Mark
Windows Opteron (x86_64)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Windows Xeon (x86_64)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
ODBC Compliance Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
CoreCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Level 1Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Level 2Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
SQL Compliance Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
SQL-92Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
License Management Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Distributed License ManagementCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Performance & Stability Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Enterprise-grade PerformanceCheck MarkCheck Mark
Enterprise-grade StabilityCheck MarkCheck Mark
Unicode Support Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
UnicodeCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Data Type Support Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Microsoft SQL Server NCHAR, NVARCHAR Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server LARGE Value Data Types (NVARCHAR (max), VARBINARY (max), VARCHAR (max)Check MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server XML Data TypeCheck MarkCheck Mark
MySQL Unicode Data TypesCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle BINARY FLOAT, BINARY DOUBLECheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle BLOB, CLOBCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle TIMESTAMP (with Time Zone, Local Time Zone)Check MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
PostgreSQL Unicode Data TypesCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Security & Authentication Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Ingres OS Level AuthenticationCheck Mark
Informix OS Level AuthenticationCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server Single Sign On (including Windows NTLMv2 authentication)Check MarkCheck Mark
Serverside Rules-based SecurityCheck Mark
SSL Data EncryptionCheck MarkCheck Mark
Wire Protocol Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Microsoft SQL ServerCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
MySQLCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
PostgreSQLCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
SybaseCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Clustering (Failover, Balancing) Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Diagnostic Resources Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
Built-in Clientside TracingCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Connection LoggingCheck Mark
Database Specific Capabilities Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
DB2 - Multi-Threading SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
DB2 - SQLCancel SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
DB2 - XA-Based Two-Phase CommitCheck Mark
Informix - MS DTCCheck Mark
Informix - XA-Based Two-Phase CommitCheck Mark
Ingres - Return of TID value by SQLSpecialColumns(RowID)Check MarkCheck Mark
Ingres - XA-Based Two-Phase CommitCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - Auto-Discovery of SQL Server instancesCheck MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - Database mirroring compatibilityCheck MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - MS DTC Check Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) Check MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - Named Instance Support? Check MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - Snapshot transaction isolation levelsCheck MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - SQL Server Express Support?Check MarkCheck Mark
Microsoft SQL Server - XA-Based Two-Phase Commit Check Mark
Oracle - Connection PoolingCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle - Instant Client SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle - MS DTCCheck Mark
Oracle - Real Application Cluster (RAC) SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle - Reference Cursors in Stored ProceduresCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle - Static, Keyset, Forward-Only CursorsCheck MarkCheck Mark
Oracle - XA-Based Two-Phase CommitCheck Mark
Progress - User Level Transaction Isolation Levels configurationCheck MarkCheck Mark
Sybase - Identity Column SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
Sybase - MS DTCCheck Mark
Sybase - XA-Based Two-Phase CommitCheck Mark
Other Single-Tier "Express" EditionSingle-Tier "Lite" EditionMulti-Tier "Enterprise" Edition
ADO.NET 2.0 SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
Visual Studio 2005 IntegrationCheck MarkCheck Mark