OATDOCstatistics statistics.js statistics.js Elementary statistic functions. Functions OAT.Statistics.sum(array) Sums all values from array. OAT.Statistics.product(array) Gives product of all values from array. OAT.Statistics.amean(array) Gives arithmetic mean of all values from array. OAT.Statistics.max(array) Returns highest value from array. OAT.Statistics.min(array) Returns lowest value from array. OAT.Statistics.distinct(array) Counts distinct values in array. OAT.Statistics.variance(array) Returns variance of array. OAT.Statistics.deviation(array) Returns standard deviation of array. OAT.Statistics.median(array) Returns standard median of array. OAT.Statistics.mode(array) Returns standard mode of array. CategoryDocumentation CategoryOAT CategoryOpenSource