OATDOCcombobox combobox.js combobox.js Creates a combobox, an enhanced <select> which allows richer options. Objects OAT.Combobox(defaultValue) Creates a combobox with a value of defaultValue. Its main div is accessible as OAT.Combobox::div. Onchange callback may be set via OAT.Combobox::onchange property. Methods OAT.Combobox::addOption(element, textValue) Adds a new option, represented by element with a value of textValue. CSS classes .combo_box CSS class of the main combo box div. .combo_box_list CSS class of options list div. .combo_box_value CSS class of the currently selected option. .combo_image CSS class of the dropdown clicker image. Example var cb = new OAT.Combobox("[choose here]"); document.body.appendChild( cb.div ); cb.addOption(someElement, "option 1"); cb.addOption(someOtherElement, "option 2"); CategoryDocumentation CategoryOAT CategoryOpenSource