TestingWindowsODBCDSNs Testing ODBC DSNs on Windows, with C++ Demo Testing ODBC DSNs on Windows, with C++ Demo C++ Demo is a simple ODBC-based Interactive SQL processor written, as may be obvious from its name, in C++. The binary executable may be found at -- <OPENLINK_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>\samples\odbc As with other sample applications we ship, when source code is available, it may be found alongside the executable.Be sure to launch the tool appropriate to the Driver and DSN you are testing -- <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row><entry><emphasis>Driver/DSN</emphasis> </entry><entry> <emphasis>Windows</emphasis> </entry><entry> <emphasis>default location</emphasis> </entry></row> <row><entry> 64-bit </entry><entry> 64-bit </entry><entry> C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\Samples\Odbc\cppdemo.exe </entry></row> <row><entry> 32-bit </entry><entry> 64-bit </entry><entry> C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLink Software\UDA\Samples\Odbc\cppdemo.exe </entry></row> <row><entry> 32-bit </entry><entry> 32-bit </entry><entry> C:\Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\Samples\Odbc\cppdemo.exe </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <orderedlist spacing="compact"><listitem> The tool will launch. <figure><graphic fileref="TestingWindowsODBCDSNs/CDEMO1.png" /></figure> </listitem> <listitem> Select menu item <emphasis>Environment</emphasis> >> <emphasis>Open Connection</emphasis>. The ODBC Driver Manager will present a list of available ODBC DSNs. Select the DSN to which you wish to connect ("Informix 7 on Local" has been selected, below) -- <figure><graphic fileref="TestingWindowsODBCDSNs/CDEMO2.png" /></figure> </listitem> <listitem> You will be presented with a Login Dialog. Enter the user name and password for the target database, and click <emphasis>Connect</emphasis> -- <figure><graphic fileref="TestingWindowsODBCDSNs/CDEMO3.png" /></figure> </listitem> <listitem> You should now be connected to the chosen data source. Use the <emphasis>SQL</emphasis> >> <emphasis>Execute SQL</emphasis> menu item to get the SQL input dialog. Enter any valid SQL statement (see example in screen shot), and click <emphasis>OK</emphasis>. <figure><graphic fileref="TestingWindowsODBCDSNs/CDEMO4.png" /></figure> </listitem> <listitem> You will be presented with the results of your query. <figure><graphic fileref="TestingWindowsODBCDSNs/CDEMO5.png" /></figure> </listitem> <listitem> Close the connection by selecting the <emphasis>Environment</emphasis> >> <emphasis>Close Connection</emphasis> menu item. Exiting the application through any normal Windows pattern will also close the connection.</listitem> </orderedlist><para> </para></section></docbook>