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    Configure SSIS Import to use the OpenLink OLE DB Provider for ODBC Data Sources

    1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. Expand the Databases folder.
    3. Right click on the database in question.
    4. Select Tasks.
    5. Select Import Data.
    6. That will bring up the Microsoft SQL Server Import / Export Wizard.
    7. Click Next.
    8. In the data source select OpenLink ODBC Provider
    9. Click the Properties button.
    10. Tick the Use data source name radio button.
    11. Locate your Data Source Name.
    12. Use the User name and Password fields to provide authentication, if required.
    13. Click OK.
    14. Click Next.
    15. Use the Destination tab to specify the target Microsoft SQL Server.
    16. Click Next.
    17. Opt to select a query or tables to transfer.
    18. Cick Next.
    19. Provide the relevant tables or query.
    20. Click Next.
    21. Use the Save and Execute Package dialog to configure the package.
    22. Click Next.
    23. Click Finish.

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