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    Data Migration & Integration Configuration

    Configure Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Linked Server using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider

    The Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server wizard allows you to create persistent links to remote databases. These links allow Microsoft SQL Server to execute commands and queries against those databases. The following instructions will enable you to create your own Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server using an OpenLink DSN.

    1. Open your Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
    2. Expand the following tree structure:

      Console Root => Microsoft SQL Servers => SQL Server Group => Your SQL Server

    3. Expand the Security folder.
    4. Right click on Linked Servers.
    5. Select New Linked Server.
    6. Supply the following information on your General tab:
      • Linked Server: Any name you like
      • (Check Other Data Source)
      • Provider Name: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
      • Product Name: MSDASQL
      • Data Source: Valid OpenLink DSN Name
    7. This is the minimum information which you must supply. Feel free to check any server options on the bottom of the tab.
    8. Click on the Security tab and review your options.
    9. Click OK to create your server.
    10. Exit the Linked Server dialog box and the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
    11. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer.
    12. Run the following query to test your Linked Server:

      select * from OPENQUERY (Your_LINKEDSERVER_Name, 'your SQL query here')

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