Retrieving OpenLink Licenses from Your ODS Briefcase

When registering as an OpenLink user, a OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) account is automatically created on the My OpenLink Software server. This account provides a convenient storage location for OpenLink Software license keys, which are automatically stored here by the Solution Wizard, Download Wizard, and Online Shop.

This page shows you how to retrieve licenses from your ODS Briefcase. A second 15 Day evaluation license is automatically copied to the Briefcase, when you download our software and receive your first 15 Day key. You may access the Briefcase by clicking on the link that appears in the email that contains the first license. Alternatively, you may identify the ODS url by logging into the OpenLink site.

The following instructions will allow you to access your ODS Briefcase via the OpenLink Web site.

  1. Load the MyOpenLink ODS home page in a Web browser.

    ODS Home Page

  2. Login to your OpenLink Data Space using your OpenLink login.

    ODS Login

  3. Click the Briefcase link that appears in the ODS menu bar at the top of the page.

    Logged Into ODS

  4. Your license will appear as a Resource Item under the Briefcase Summary.

    ODBC Briefcase View

  5. Click the license link to download your license. If prompted for a DAV login, use the same OpenLink username and password you did to log in to ODS, or when downloading.