Apply License Files for Virtuoso Release 5.x and above, on Unix

  1. Use the bash or sh command to open a bash or Bourne shell. (Other shells may be used, but vary widely, so any or all of the following steps may need adjustment.)

  2. Retrieve your new Virtuoso license file from email or ODS briefcase.

  3. Use binary-preserving methods (e.g., ftp in BIN mode) to transfer the new license to the Unix box, if required.

  4. Replace any existing Virtuoso license file with the new, or place the new license in your desired location. We generally recommend this location be the bin sub-directory of the OpenLink installation, or /etc/oplmgr/.

  5. Navigate to the root of your Virtuoso installation, e.g.

    cd /opt/virtuoso

  6. Check the virtuoso-en*.sh and virtuoso-en*.csh scripts, for their setting of the OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable. If necessary, adjust this to include the directory holding the new license file.

  7. Execute these commands:

    . ./virtuoso-en*.sh cd bin ./oplmgr +stop ./oplmgr +start

  8. Proceed to configure and/or use your Virtuoso installation. The new license should now be active.