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    Apply Release 6.x Lite Edition License Files on Mac OS X

    1. Note: You must be logged in as a user with Administrator privileges.

    2. For best results, quit all ODBC client applications and administrative tools to start this process, and do not relaunch any of them until instructed to test your connection.

    3. Locate your new license file in your email or ODS Briefcase, and note its name.

    4. Open a Finder window, and drill down to Macintosh HD -> Library -> Application Support -> openlink -> Licenses.

      1. In this directory, locate any existing file by the same name as your new license file. Generally, this can simply be discarded, but you can keep it if you like; simply move it to a different location (such as your Desktop) or rename it (e.g., sql_lt.lic.2011-03-21.bak). Once the new license is confirmed to work, it's usually best to discard the expired and/or unused license files, to avoid future confusion.

      2. Drag your new license file from your email or ODS Briefcase to this directory, replacing any existing file by the same name.

    5. Launch Terminal.app (found in /Applications/Utilities/).

    6. Execute these three commands (you can just copy-and-paste), and provide your Mac OS X user password when prompted --

      cd "/Library/Application Support/openlink/Licenses" sudo ../bin/oplmgr +stop sudo ../bin/oplmgr +start

    7. Note also the following document on the Mac OS X OpenLink License Manager Usage Notes, containing more detailed usages notes with different version of oplmgr.
    8. Test your connection with the OpenLink ODBC Administrator.app or any other ODBC client application.

      1. If license errors come up, reboot, and test again.

      2. If errors persist, please log a Support Case.

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