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    Apply License Files to Single-Tier Release 4.x or 5.x, on Unix

    1. Navigate to the root directory of your OpenLink installation, where you find openlink.sh and openlink.csh.
    2. Set the OpenLink environment by running the appropriate script for your shell. The following will work in most environments, but your required command may differ --
      shell command
      sh, bash, zsh and related . ./openlink.sh
      ksh and related source ./openlink.sh
      csh, tcsh and related source ./openlink.csh
    3. cd into the /bin/ sub-directory of your OpenLink installation.
    4. Retrieve your OpenLink license file from email or ODS briefcase.
    5. Transer the license to the current ($OPENLINK_INSTALL/bin/) directory on the Unix box, using binary-preserving methods (e.g., FTP in BIN mode, SCP, etc.)
    6. Confirm that the OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable includes this directory. Exact commands may vary in your environment, but here is an example sequence based on the BASH shell --

      echo $OPL_LICENSE_DIR /etc/oplmgr export OPL_LICENSE_DIR=/usr/openlink/bin:$OPL_LICENSE_DIR

    7. Launch a client application.
    8. Test a connection to initialize the terms of the new license.

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