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    Apply License Files to Multi-Tier Release 6.x, on Unix

    1. Navigate to the root directory of your OpenLink installation, where you find openlink.sh and openlink.csh.

    2. Set the OpenLink environment by running the appropriate script for your shell. The following will work in most environments, but your required command may differ --

      shell command
      sh, bash, zsh and related . ./openlink.sh
      ksh and related source ./openlink.sh
      csh, tcsh and related source ./openlink.csh

    3. Execute these commands --

      cd bin ./oplmgr +stop

    4. Retrieve your new OpenLink license file(s) from an email or ODS Briefcase.

    5. Use binary ftp to transfer the new license file(s) to the Unix box, if required.

    6. Place the new license file(s) in the /bin/ sub-directory of the OpenLink installation, replacing any same-named file(s).

    7. Use the echo command to check the value of the the OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable. It should have been set by the openlink.sh script, above. If necessary, set and export this variable to include this directory. For example:

      % echo $OPL_LICENSE_DIR % export OPL_LICENSE_DIR=/usr/openlink/bin:$OPL_LICENSE_DIR

      Note - you may set the OPL_LICENSE_DIR to target any directory(ies), as any PATH variable; all license file(s) must be found within.

    8. Execute this command to stop the running Request Broker

      ./oplshut -fy

    9. Wait for the Broker (oplrqb), the Admin Asst (www_sv), and any Agent (ora8_mv, inf9_sv, etc.) processes to terminate. You may wish to kill any which linger more than a few minutes (NOTE - users may lose some work if you do so). Then, execute the following commands to start the License Manager with the new license, and restart the Request Broker:

      ./oplmgr +start ./oplrqb

      Your Broker start command may differ -- e.g., you may want to start in "Debug Mode" and test connections with the new license, to make sure all is as expected ?

      ./oplrqb -dv

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