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    Apply Release 6.x Enterprise Edition License Files on Mac OS X

    You must be logged in as a user with Administrator privileges.

    1. Open a Finder window, and drill down to Macintosh HD -> Library -> Application Support -> openlink -> bin.
    2. Drag your new license file from your email or ODS Briefcase to this directory, replacing any existing file by the same name.
    3. Launch Terminal.app (found in /Applications/Utilities/)
    4. Execute these three commands (you can just copy-and-paste) --

      cd "/Library/Application Support/openlink/bin" ./oplmgr +stop ./oplmgr +start

      • If you get an error, execute these commands --

        sudo ./oplmgr +stop sudo ./oplmgr +start

        -- and provide your Mac OS X user password when prompted.
    5. Test your driver. If license errors come up, reboot, and test again. If errors persist, please log a Support Case.

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