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    Apply License Files to Multi-Tier Release 1.x through 3.x, on Unix

    1. Navigate to the root directory of your OpenLink installation, where you find openlink.sh and openlink.csh.
    2. Set the OpenLink environment by running the appropriate script for your shell. The following will work in most environments, but your required command may differ --
      shell command
      sh, bash, zsh and related . ./openlink.sh
      ksh and related source ./openlink.sh
      csh, tcsh and related source ./openlink.csh
    3. Execute these commands, to stop the OpenLink Request Broker:

      cd bin ./oplshut -fy

    4. Retrieve your new OpenLink license file from your email or ODS briefcase, to the .../openlink/bin/ directory you're in. Use binary-preserving methods to transfer the file (e.g., FTP only in BIN mode).
    5. Rename any existing register.ini to register.ini.old or similar, and rename your new license file to register.ini. For example:

      mv register.ini register.ini.old mv 5641.ini register.ini

    6. Execute these commands to activate the new license, and restart the Broker. If you normally use a different command to start the Broker, also use that command here.

      ./register ./oplrqb

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