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How to edit the OpenLink Public Wiki


The OpenLink wiki system comprises many pages collected together into clusters or "wiki webs", two per project, one of which is canonical documentation from OpenLink staff, while the other is open for members of the public to edit. The public versions have been seeded with a copy of the canonical documentation to provide a starting structure.


We expect you to only edit a page in order to improve its quality, that other viewers might see a more accurate picture of your experience with OpenLink products. We will be monitoring changes to all wiki clusters, and changes taking a page off-topic will be revoked; if need be, users abusing the wiki system will be removed also. For this purpose, `abuse' includes but is not limited to: denying or attempting to deny other users use of the service; defacing pages; advertising other companies' products; using the site for ad-hominem comments about users, people or organizations.

You need to be logged-in as an ODS user in order to edit pages.

Note: users who have already registered with OpenLink may use their OpenID URL to tie the account to the information used whilst registering for product download.

You are encouraged to use appropriate keywords to link between pages and a handful of external sites (especially Wikipedia) if it helps build a glossary of terms in the text of the pages. Keep each page on-topic; if you start writing in-depth material about something other than the name of the page, create a new page for the purpose and link out to it instead.

Wiki Markup Language

The Wiki Webs on this server are all written using the Creole wiki markup dialect. Users familiar with Mediawiki or Dokuwiki will find it familiar, albeit not identical.

Walk-through editing a page

The OpenLink Wiki Server is an instance of
the OpenLink Data Spaces application suite. This suite provides an architecture on top of which
web-applications are created and ownership and access rights controlled
amongst users.

Let's say you're browsing through the UdaWikiWeb cluster and you find the page Pre-installation requirements for DB2 on Windows 32-bit. The two bits to remember here are UdaWikiWeb (the cluster name) and PreInstallDB2ExpressWin32, the page-name within that cluster.

At the bottom of the page you will have an edit-strip menu with links to the corresponding page in the UdaWikiWebEdit cluster and to the edit view directly.

Registering and logging-in

Assuming you have not logged-in before, the first time you click this `edit' link, you'll be taken to a login page as part of the OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) system. If you have no username and password, you need to register. At this point, you can use an OpenID URL to speed the process, providing information about yourself held in an OpenID server. Existing OpenLink users who have registered with our download or shop systems already have an OpenID URL, of the form> where username is either your email address or a nickname. Otherwise, fill in your username, name, email address and password and agree to the terms of service.

The Login link towards the bottom of each page will take you to your ODS profile homepage.

Cluster Membership

In order to edit pages in the cluster, you need to be a member of the wiki instance in question. This should now happen by default; however, if not, go to and click the link to `settings' in the far top-right corner, just beside your name. In the resultant table of possible actions, choose "Application Administration". From here, you will see a list of wiki clusters, including UdaWikiWeb and UdaWikiWebEdit. The UdaWikiWebEdit cluster should have a link to "+Join" which will ask you for confirmation and add you as a member of the instance. If you see errors along the lines of `the owner of this wiki instance does not allow you to browse this cluster' then check your membership of the cluster in question.

If you have clicked the `edit this page' link at the bottom of a canonical documentation wiki cluster, you will hopefully be taken straight to the edit-view of the page after logging-in.

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