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    License Removal

    Users may choose to remove expired or deprecated license files altogether to ensure the uptake of a new license file.

    Unix-like OS (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, etc.)

    1. Login to the Unix or Linux operating system.
    2. Use the find command to locate relevant license files, and check their permissions and ownership.

      bash-2.03$ find / -name virtuoso.lic -exec ls -l {} \; -rw-r--r-- 1 virtuoso other 645 Mar 11 08:06 /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic bash-2.03$

    3. Use the rm command to remove the license file(s).

      bash-2.03$ rm /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic

    4. If the file permissions and ownership require, you can use sudo

      bash-2.03$ sudo rm /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic Password: bash-2.03$ ls /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic bash-2.03$

      — or su to the appropriate user or group —

      bash-2.03$ su virtuoso Password: bash-2.03$ rm /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic bash-2.03$ ls /usr/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso.lic bash-2.03$

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