Unix-like OS (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, etc.)

  1. Open a Unix terminal.
  2. *cd* into the root of your Virtuoso installation.
  3. Use one of the following commands to set Virtuoso-related environment variables. (Note that they do, and
    must, begin with dot-space-dot-slash.)
  • . ./virtuoso-enterprise.sh — bash, bsh, ksh, and related shells
  • . ./virtuoso-enterprise.csh — csh, tcsh, and related shells
  1. Execute the command, oplmgr +stop
  2. Retrieve your new Virtuoso license file from an email or ODS briefcase.
    Use binary-mode ftp to transfer the new license to the Unix box, if required.
  3. Place the new license in the bin sub-directory of the Virtuoso installation.
  4. Set and export an OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable
    that passes the path to the directory that contains your Virtuoso license file, e.g. —
  • export OPL_LICENSE_DIR="/opt/virtuoso/bin/"
  • OPL_LICENSE_DIR="/opt/virtuoso/bin/" ; export OPL_LICENSE_DIR
  1. Execute the command, oplmgr +start

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