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    Uninstalling Our Components

    Removing installations of our components takes different steps for different platforms.


    You may use the uninstall utility to remove existing Windows software. You may also use the Add/Remove Programs utility, which appears in the Control Panel.

    Mac OS X

    The following sequence will cleanly remove all iODBC and Data Access components added by our installers.

    1. Double-click the Uninstall.command script (/Applications/OpenLink/Universal Data Access Drivers (* Tier Edition)). If the script is not present, skip ahead to #3.

    2. Answer the questions posed by the script. Please note that you must answer with the mixed-case, full-word answers. Anything other than `Yes`, `All`, or `Quit`, will be interpreted as `No`, including `y`, `Y`, and `yes`.

    3. Verify that all of the following directories (including contents), and specified individual files, have been removed --

      /Applications/iODBC /Applications/OpenLink* /Library/Application Support/iodbc /Library/Application Support/openlink /Library/Frameworks/iODBC* /Library/Java/Extensions/libopljodbc*.jnilib /Library/Java/Extensions/opljdbc*.jar /Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc*.jar /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.openlinksw.* /Library/ODBC/OpenLink* /Library/Receipts/iODBC* /Library/Receipts/Opl* /Library/Receipts/UDA* /Library/Receipts/VIRT* /Library/Receipts/Virt* /Library/StartupItems/Oplmgr /Users/*/Library/Preferences/com.openlinksw* /Users/*/Library/Saved Application State/com.openlinksw* /private/var/db/receipts/com.openlinksw.*

    4. You can copy and paste the following command into Terminal.app to remove all of the above --

      sudo rm -rf /Applications/iODBC /Applications/OpenLink* "/Library/Application Support/iodbc" "/Library/Application Support/openlink" /Library/Frameworks/iODBC* /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.openlinksw.* /Library/ODBC/OpenLink* /Library/Receipts/iODBC* /Library/Receipts/Opl* /Library/Receipts/UDA* /Library/Receipts/VIRT* /Library/Receipts/Virt* /Library/StartupItems/Oplmgr /Library/Java/Extensions/libopljodbc* /Library/Java/Extensions/opljdbc* /Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc* /Users/*/Library/Preferences/com.openlinksw* /Users/*/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/com.openlinksw* /private/var/db/receipts/com.openlinksw.*

    Unix-like OS -- AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, etc.

    We do not provide an uninstall utility for Unix-like platforms. rm and rmdir should be used to remove existing deployments.

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