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    Error Message: Unable to Receive or Unable to Send

    There are several possible causes for "Unable to receive/send" errors, including bad Client settings, bad Broker settings, Client/Broker incompatibilities, and portation bugs. If you experience "Unable to Receive/Send" errors, check for the following possible causes:

    1. Did you install your OpenLink client and server components at different times? Did you upgrade server components and keep older client components? Did you upgrade client components and keep older server components? If any of these scenarios apply to you, note that client and server components must match major version, and should match major and minor versions — so installing the desired OpenLink version on both your client and server machines should resolve the issue.

    2. Does your Broker host have more than one IP address, or more than one network interface (even if only one interface is configured/active)? If so, the [Protocol TCP]:IPAddress Rulebook value must be set. The value you set should be the address which all clients (including the Broker host itself) can contact over TCP/IP. (In other words, if this IP address is on a non-routable subnet, such as 10.x.y.z or 192.168.x.y, all clients must also be on that subnet -- or they may not be able to connect.)

    3. Did you change your client's ReceiveTimeout? If you changed this timeout, refer to this article to make sure current values are appropriate.

    4. Do your DSNs have correct value(s) in the Hostname and/or Port field(s)? These must reference the hostname (or IP address) and TCP port on which the Broker listens (set as [Request Broker]:Listen in the Broker Rulebook, oplrqb.ini; default is 5000). Do not set this to the Admin Assistant's HttpPort (default is 8000), a database listening port, or other port in use by other applications.

    5. Have you adjusted your Row Buffer Size (a.k.a "FetchBufferSize")? If you have not adjusted this variable, try setting it to 1. You may set this variable wherever you create or edit your DSNs.

    6. Are you using Linux? If so, forward the names of the .taz files which you downloaded. Also, provide the output of the following commands to OpenLink Product Support:

      rpm -qa | grep glibc apt-cache show libc6 | grep glibc-2 /lib/libc.so.6

    7. If the problem persists, the "Unable to Receive/Send" errors may stem from ODBC call resolution. Forward a client-side ODBC trace and a table schema to OpenLink Product Support. These errors may also created by bugs, which must be resolved through a Support Case.


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